Conflict in Syria: how long will Assad´s regime survive?

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With the current civil war taking place in Syria, between Bashar al-Assad and the freshly coalesced rebel opposition, many wonder how long the current regime can last. A senior Russian surprised the international community by asserting that the rebel’s victory could not be ruled out. At the same time, the NATO Secretary General believes the regime is on the verge of collapse. (more…)




Russia after pussy riot

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Three members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot were found guilty of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred and were punished with a two year prison sentence. The three feminist activists were charged after performing a song criticizing President Vladimir Putin in a Russian Orthodox Church. Members of the band identify themselves as feminist activists. They organized due to anger at government policies that discriminate against women. The band has staged several other guerrilla style protest concerts prior to the incident that led to their arrest. These protests have led to the discussion of policies enacted by the current Russian government that impede freedom of speech and expression. (more…)




Chaos in Cairo: Supreme Constitutional Court dissolves Egypt parliament

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Cairo seems to have once again fallen into the chaos that Hosni Mubarak warned , as the Supreme Constitutional Court dissolved the newly elected parliament of Egypt, eliminating the Muslim Brotherhood ‘s grasp of control over the country.

Back when Hosni Mubarak was ousted from power in 2011, he predicted the result would be one of instability and chaos haunting Egypt. However, it has not been a natural chaos caused by some sort of flaw in Egypt’s prospective democracy. Instead, it has been Mubarak himself and the remnants of his regime that have wreaked havoc on Cairo and brought chaos to Egypt. (more…)




What is World Bank?

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The World Bank is an international financial organization created to fight poverty by providing assistance to developing countries. It analyzes each country’s financial and economic situation and offers a unique approach to improving the country’s livelihood. The World Bank Group consists of five international organizations that finance economic and social programs in the poorest countries. The funds are provided by the governments and international banks that are members of the Group. (more…)




Why is the Right to Property an Inalienable Right?

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In 1689, John Locke wrote a treatise titled “A letter Concerning Toleration,” where he espoused that fundamental and inalienable rights included Life, Liberty, and Property. Less than a century later, Thomas Jefferson expanded on these rights in the Declaration of Independence where he stated Live, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. These two documents establish America’s value on human rights. (more…)